SL-85 Power Screwdriver System for Driving Miniature Fasteners

The SL85 Screwdriver is an electric production assembly machine ideal for fast semi- automatic installation of miniature screws and fasteners. The product features an automatic clutch with adjustable torque for fine tuning screw tightness. The built-in-vacuum system coupled with a screw shaker tray makes this versatile tool valuable for miniature screw assembly, circuit board assembly, perpetual plaque assembly, eye glass assembly, leather belt assembly and other production areas.

Find out why so many professionals are turning to the SL85 Electric Screwdriver.

Fasteners & Screws

Suitable for screw sizes from #000 to #4. Drivers available for slotted, cross recess and hex head screws.

Vacuum Pick Up

Integrally mounted to motor, without the need for air lines. The continuous vacuum at the handpiece tip facilitates easy pickup and retention.

Lightweight handpiece

Designed for easy operation. Its features include:

  1. Micrometer like torque adjustment.
  2. Interchangeable finder
  3. Interchangeable bit

Self-contained System

Plugs into any 110-130V outlet and can easily be moved from one assembly area to another. This portability, coupled with minimal setup, greatly reduces the time wasted on elaborate setups of more costly systems.

Bits and Finders

Bits and finders for SL-85 offer a wide range of fastening capabilities

Screw Shaker Trays

We offer 8 different Screw shaker trays